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You Are My Person - Dan Dobi - Short Film
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You Are My Person - Short Film By Dan Dobi

You Are My Person depicts the moment when a couple having an affair with one another decides to pursue their relationship to the next level and breaking up with their partners poses to be harder than expected.

Dan Dobi on why the film:

Why did I make this film? I was tired of waiting, tired of making content for brands, artists, products. Tired of waiting to get “noticed” that I should be making films full time… I finally stopped taking gigs, wrote this short, sent it to my Producer Bradley Rettele and said “Please trust me — We need to make this.”

I wanted to make something that was unconventional; something that started out as one genre then transformed into something completely different at the end. I wanted to take the audience through a roller coaster of emotions, and land on a big question mark at the end.

Check out the official director commentary here:
More info about the film at

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