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When It Hit - 2021 Single Marq
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When It Hit (Semi-Final)

When it hit I might ride I might I slide when it hit

flip a switch and get this whole bitch jumping when it hit it’s all gas in the pack only smoking when it hit I made another couple bands I’m that nigga when it hit michael Jackson with the drip moonwalking on a bitch hopping out another whip parking at another crib living fast on a dash check the dash 106 I’m a cold muthafucka when it hit

First quarter profits on my wrist I’m in the tropics spending next quarter profits on a crib the bitch was optional for me, but hard for her to resist the chance to see if it shit talking or how I really live right now it’s 50/50 hustle honest but the motto still gimme gimme now up ya stimmy I’m 2 months from copping a Bentley and making ya bitch shimmy for tippies think twice for you diss me in the crib bumping coke rap I just tell the neighbors I’m busy he said whatever I see you eating good yea the names Thrifty but these chains still crispy young black entrepreneur and the flow sickie and sticky and when it hit you can’t fuck with ya boy

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