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When It Fades Cover Art
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When It Fades (Semi-Final)

When it fades I get a little more Faded cause I’m jaded and I don’t love you the same get the f out my way if it fades it’s no use tryna save it just face it im done playing ya games get the f out way when shit fades I get a little more faded over the changes and I’m just a man stuck in his ways cause when it fades

yea yea I got your messages you ain’t gotta wonder shit faded I took a load off to ease my mind I just came back to run the numbers I know I know I should’ve replied but all I got to say is it’s a black and mild summer so you know what that mean I’m on nicotine and eens at the coffee bean tryna get a protein bar and right now I don’t really feel like who I think that I are and I don’t know I just thought I’d give you a call

you see when it fade I don’t think shit funny I need less stress and more money I need and a blunt and half matter fact I need you to step back off of me I need hugs I need love I need drugs i just need so much and i rolled up just to write this one thing about life is you either getting good advice or good vices and one of em is priceless and the other might make you write this

stage diving out the mosh pit house party with the toxics chain smoking off deposits and if it fades then it fades

i need the whole crew jumping i need the whole crew jumping in this motherfucker right now

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