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What A Bummer TRACK
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What A Bummer

I keep it low key you would never see it coming I been hustling all winter getting ready the summer

What a bummer

I been stacking my cheese all blue face hundred you and me is like apples and oranges

what a bummer

A lot of people on downers only some of them take drugs the rest are pessimistic don’t fuck up my vibe and mistake it for realistics I let the numbers talk we can do the arithmetic cause my shit like cough cough actually I ain’t tryna brag but just saying when I pull with capital don’t be mad or try to catch an attitude I’m doing bad like drake said can’t hold me down like mase said I done got it out the basement and that was just the basics this next level some other shit no subtle rebuttals im fucking up yo government and the public in trouble if I’m not the one you fucking with killing you favorite rappers got all of em on my bucket list no fucks or good lucks with this kerfuffles is sucka shit if you want to scuffle I need a hundred call my publicist I’m done with this

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