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Sound stages In LA - Mack Sennett Studios
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We’ve scoured the Los Angeles scene to bring you the best sound stages to film your demo reel.  Whether you need an interrogation room scene, hospital scene, bar scene or warehouse … you’ll find your solution here.  Don’t forget we offer the best value on actor’s demo reels in Los Angeles!

  • FilmStudioLA

    Police Station, Hospital, Courtroom, Bar, Office, Green Screen, Warehouse, Psych Ward, Airplane and more.  These standing sets are waiting for you to film your demo reel in!

  • Silver Dream Factory

    Police Station, Hospital, House and more.  Located in the great city of Anaheim.

  • Nvisionate

    Interrogation Room, Prison Cell, House, Office and more.  Includes free lighting gear!

  • Remmet Studios

    Diner, Hospital, Bar, Classroom and more.  Or they can build a custom set just for you!

  • Riverfront Stages

    Courtrooms, Jail Cells, Brownstone, Judges Chambers, Morgue and more.  If money is no object, this is the place to film!

  • DC Stages

    Police Station, Hospital, Courtroom, Bar, Office, and more.  Talk to Diane, she’ll hook you up!

  • 4 Hearts

    Jail Cells, Classroom, Bar and more.  A small but cozy environment!

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