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Actor Resources In Los Angeles & Tips For Actors
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Top 10 Actor Resources In Los Angeles

Joining actor networks, forums and other acting groups can give you a leg up in the industry when starting out. Facebook, Craigslist, and even Instagram can be good sources for work. You never know where someone might be posting for talent. Maintaining a presence on all of these platforms can increase your chances of booking a gig! Acting schools and coaches can be useful also. On the one hand they help refine your skills and on the other they can refer you for work. Check out our full list of resources and actor services below.

Top 25 Acting Schools In Los Angeles

Facebook Groups For Actors – These groups are great actor resources for a range of job listings from independent, short film, and low budget work. If you don’t have many credits this is a good place to start!

Actor Databases – Create a profile on these sites to get access to more corporate productions, feature and commercial work. You’ll want to make sure you have a strong acting demo reel and some credits when signing up.

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