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ThisIsGnosis Shatters Barriers Through Pulsating, Revelatory New Works

In his latest testament to sound, (G)nosis® debuts his new persona, ThisIsGnosis. The first album of his trilogy, “The Sleepwalker EP” boasts a list of songs including “Gladiator,” “Reality,” and “Reflection.” His second album, an underground classic “The Midnight Drifter” represents the resurrection of the new spiritual self and dimension that shows the varied, multi-faceted nature of the lead, (G)nosis®. The third album, “The Daydreamer”, carries a wealth of songs that are outspoken, hopeful, and uplifting including “Sounds of An Occupied Mind (A DayDreamer’s Intro)”, “Trickle Down” and “Antimachine.” For (G)nosis®, this name change was inspired by his trip to India where he was able to discover a great depth in relation to his own spirituality, enhancing his sound with greater spiritual resonance and taking on a deeper personal significance in his journey and growth as an artist.

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The album “The Sleepwalker EP”, symbolizes walking the journey in a deep slumber without understanding the truth depth of realization. As is true to his name, (G)nosis® symbolizes the lower self and ego being sacrificed for a divine connection to be attained. In his new resurrected persona ThisIsGnosis, classic Athens represents the “TH” of his name as a warning symbol for thanatos, “death”. Isis in ThisIsGnosis is known as the daughter of the sky, Isis resurrected Osiris from the dead. Isis is regarded as “The Mother of the Gods” who represents the individual’s psyche, a goddess who is highly celebrated in Egyptian culture. GNOSIS is a manifestation of the new divine knowledge, the agape nectar only produced from the highest level of knowledge one can attain in this lifetime and beyond. In Greek, this type of knowledge can only be acquired through intensive study of divine revelatory knowledge, nature, and personal initiation. Throughout the album, we see tremendous growth in sound from “Gladiator”, slowing down into “Reality”, pulsating into “I’ve Tried” and calming down into the love-centered initiation track “Reflection.”

The “Midnight Drifter LP” culminates into a beautiful resurrection of the new spiritual self that only occurs through a divine awakening. Understanding ancient knowledge through communication with eternal source energy is what GNOSIS represents in esoteric wisdom. The Midnight Drifter encompasses several transcendent tracks including “IF”, “Where U Are” and “Excalibur.” The dynamic lyricism commenting on the culture at large would regard this experience as attaining revelation, enlightenment, and nirvana through contact with uplifting and enlightened wisdom; yet another initiation (G)nosis® had to travel through.

“The Daydreamer” album pierces through layers of falsehoods to reveal kernels of knowledge and truth in its many forms. “Sounds of an Occupied Mind (A DayDreamer’s Intro)” sets off this album with great social commentary. We then break into “Trickle Down” using boisterous horns, cutting lyricism and rich sounds to help elevate the listener’s experience in a profound yet subtle way. “Citizen K '' encompasses a dance-driven sound featuring the sultry sounds of India’s finest SUVI. “Race Erase” is a soulful track that touches upon the strangeness of human behavior in the vastness of unique social oddities we tend to construct in life. With tracks like “Citizen K”, we hear hypnotic guitar loops from Nipun Nair and horns and a rhythm section layered together with beats that get the soul flowing with rich grooves. His lyricism holds regal power and knows how to get the audience to aim for something much higher than the everyday mundane and banal inanities. His music serves as a profound source of inspiration for anyone who’s ever struggled with mental health issues. For ThisisGnosis, his latest album forced him to face his own darkness throughout its inception. Falling to his greatest low in April of 2020, he battled his own demons to finally complete his album series and bring forth his greatest music, yet. Through it, he decided to create a global nonprofit aimed at focusing on disaster relief for distressed neighborhoods. For people of color, there seems to be a lack of support when it comes to facing mental health issues, and as a black man in America he hopes to provide a blueprint that breaks generational curses. His 3-part musical series threads together inspirational sounds that are riddled with questions aimed at facing depression and mental health issues head on, coupled with spirituality, and mixes social and political undertones as his way of beginning to explore and overcoming his struggle to find himself, and unify the world.

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