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Therapy (3rd session)
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Marq Robinson Therapy 3rd Session Transcript

Feeling caustic and nostalgic

Looking back at bad old habits

Ignorance sure did feel bliss

true memories scream madness

nonchalant or way to strong

Damn thats coming off wrong

The moment is gone

The moment is gone

Got way to good at cutting you off that might be a character flaw but damn it feels good when I’m feeling better off after all my pride to strong

Cant hold on

I just can’t hold on

hold up

I got a lot on my mind only sharing it a fraction of time the rest got me restless

Thinking about all the times I should’ve could’ve would’ve said this or that to just leave it at that but the moment is gone

I can’t hold on

The moment is gone

Today I woke up and had a feeling

my first in while i got close to it and it told me something I hadn’t heard in a while and it hurt for a while the truth it do it to you still thinking you can’t do know wrong you well I’m a prove it to you

When days get long

And the pain come home

You can get high if you want

But that ain’t how you should cope

When the pain come home

And you’re all alone

With the man in mirror

you forgot you know

Tryna run from my past started jogging

Sometime You think I’m an ass I can’t blame ya

feeling like nice guys finish last

And it’s to easy to do good girls bad

I be gassed up one in a billion

What a lonely number

I done bottled up all of my feelings

It’s been a cold summer

Like being alone but hate being loner

Been a rolling stone since I got the diploma

Still Tryna find a plug on serotonin

Roll a j keep it going think I’m going under

I got a strain for the pain on the brain but you say you tryna change do you really wanna heal your soul and go deep on it lose sleep on it who you really want to be?

Is it me homie?

I should really start listening more but most of y’all ain’t talking about shit and you probably wouldn’t like my opinion no

Feeling like a young black nigga in America with a dream still tryna heal the soul of a nation

Black president came went and we got niggas in trees still hanging but when I’m mobbing progress somehow im more dangerous

Now can you makethe  USA or LA without becoming jaded I ask myself daily I ought to start listening more but I’m to impatient just breathe

So much for communication finally called my mom back she don’t think that I’m crazy only just like my dad which make me mad cause he ain’t raise me wait I took that back try to understand why he took that path and maybe I don’t agree but now at least we can laugh and fix some shit from past just breathe

I think it’s called healing it didn’t hurt that bad it don’t hurt too bad it don’t hurt to be mad

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