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The New Sennheiser Soundscapes Mini Doc Captures TikTok Star Quen Blackwell On Her Musical Journey With The Help Of Diplo

Sennheiser Soundscapes: The Rise Of Quen Blackwell is a mini documentary  that follows the personal journey of the former Vine star, TikTok phenom and musical artist as she comes into her creative own. This original film, a Sennheiser project in collaboration with Quen Blackwell and produced by Kyra Media, serves as Quen’s music career debut and offers viewers an immersive and engaging look at how she creates a unique new sound and finds her creative voice working with producer Santell.

That new sound comes in the form of a brand new track titled ‘Parade’ that drops on Spotify, iTunes and all DSPs April 5.

Check out the full mini doc below.

TikTok gave Quen the creative freedom to explore new avenues of expression and experiment with her musical aspirations. Using the Sennheiser CX 400BT True Wireless Earbuds throughout the creative process allowed Quen to explore music in a whole new way. Sennheiser collaborated with Quen and Kyra Media on the creation of the doc as an honest and transparent look at one of the most popular and endearing stars on social.

– Quen Blackwell On The Experience

The opportunity to make music with Wes (Diplo) is really my starting point. He saw the artist in me that I’ve been this whole time on the internet and I had to jump at the chance. I’m too ADHD to understand how to make a career or find people to help me create (especially in Texas), so I had to go all in because I know he saw beyond my persona as an internet person. I’ve always been inspired by things outside the center and the starting point was sharing all the shitty demos I made alone in my bedroom and the bits I shared on the internet over the years. Now I have him and his team really shaping what I have in my mind.

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