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The Masked Lover Trailer - Animated Short Film By Gabrielle Tesfaye
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Artist Gabrielle Tesfaye Shares Trailer For The Masked Lover –Animated Film

Multi-media artist Gabrielle Tesfaye shares a short animated trailer from an upcoming project called The Masked Lover. The piece features her signature unique imagery and detail on the characters, revealing a story of lost love. Her other known works include the award winning short film, “The Water Will Carry Us Home” and “Yene Fikir Ethiopia.”

See Gabrielle’s take on the film below.

Gabrielle Tesfaye - Artist - The Masked Lover
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I’m healing from a relationship I left with a cheating liar. Through the process of making this film, I have found unhealed wounds. My intention to create this was to channel and express all I was feeling in the pain of my mind. What I’ve found in this process was more than I expected:: a reminder of unconditional love, and who I am as a resilient soul-being.

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