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The Kilroy Stars Seattle Night View
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West Coast Burning Man Artists Team Up For The Kilroy Stars Installation

Throughout the U.S., residents, municipalities and businesses are splurging on holiday décor in an effort to display holiday spirit against new restrictions on social gathering. Echoing that sentiment and in fostering the sublime power of public art, a prominent West Coast real estate developer has partnered with a team of Oakland-based artists widely recognized for their eccentric installations at Burning Man to launch a West Coast holiday art initiative, which will stay lit 24-hours a day until January 31st in four different cities. “The Kilroy Stars” are collectively lighting up the sky and uniting San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, and San Diego. These magnificent structures are outfitted with 30,000 LED bulbs and are seen from miles away as a gift of art to surrounding communities to express hope for the year ahead.

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See the recent Kilroy Art Reveal for their On Vine property here!

The Kilroy Stars are stellated dodecahedron installations of light and movement. They span 20 feet in diameter, and each Star is outfitted with more than 30,000 individually programmable LED bulbs. The magnificent structures may be seen from miles away and will be configured to oscillate in various rhythms, colors, and patterns of dynamic light. Within a 24-hour cycle, the Stars will take spectators through five programs ranging from an amber toned dawning starburst to dimmed pulsation of cool tones supporting the human body’s natural circadian rhythm.

Kilroy is partnering with a team of renowned artists and fabricators to bring the 3D art to life. The ornate Stars are designed and built by Oakland-based Engineered Artworks, a working group of creatives widely recognized for their eccentric installations at Burning Man, in partnership with digital art program creators out of San Francisco, Zoetic Digital.

The Kilroy Stars are temporarily located atop four highly-visible properties within Kilroy Realty’s West Coast portfolio. The Exchange in San Francisco, 333 Dexter in Seattle, 2100 Kettner in San Diego, and Los Angeles’ Columbia Square are benchmarks of sustainability and environmental stewardship, virtues that champion a sound future as we enter the New Year.

The Stars will remain lit through Sunday, January 31st.
See full lighting schedule below.

SAN FRANCISCO – IT’S LIT! – Sunday, January 31, 2021
The Exchange on Sixteenth (Mission Bay)
1800 Owens St., San Francisco, CA 94158

SEATTLE – IT’S LIT! – Sunday, January 31, 2021
7th Ave. N. & Thomas St. (South Lake Union) Seattle, WA 98109 

SAN DIEGO – COMING SOON! – Monday, December 14, 2020 @ 5 p.m. – Sunday, January 31, 2021
2100 Kettner Blvd., San Diego, CA 92101

LOS ANGELES – COMING SOON! – Monday, December 21, 2020 @ 5 p.m. – Sunday, January 31, 2021
Columbia Square (Hollywood) 1525 N. Gower St., Los Angeles, CA 90028


In fostering the sublime power of art within our communities, The Kilroy Stars’ inaugural debut is a unique reflection of its place and time. “Now more than ever, we need avenues that inspire, and in a post-pandemic world, the role of public art will be even more important,” says John Kilroy, CEO of Kilroy Realty—who earlier this month virtually unveiled a five-stories tall public art installation on Netflix’s new Hollywood campus. The arts-dedicated company has a robust program, with over 300 pieces of art throughout its West Coast real estate portfolio.

The Kilroy Stars are situated on high points within each of the four cities, giving public spectators on-going opportunities for meaningful encounters with art in the course of daily life. Looking ahead, Kilroy aims to utilize the Stars annually to celebrate the unique communities in which they reside.

For more information about The Kilroy Stars, including the best vantage points within each city, the dynamic light programs and more, please visit, and follow Kilroy on Instagram at @KilroyRealty | #TheKilroyStars

The Kilroy Stars - Zoetic
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