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Suvi - Bling It Back - Cover Still
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SUVI Releases Bling It Back New Lead Single & Lyric Video

This melodic and soulful track is an homage to an untold story about India’s oppressive past under the hands of colonialism. It talks about why most of the oppressed nations from the 16th century are where they are socially backward economically today because of British colonialism.

“Bling It Back” hopes to start the uncomfortable conversation of questioning the content in our history textbooks. It talks about the pride and culture that was once part of this world and the “Kohinoor” diamond is just one of the stories, a war trophy that still exists in the Tower of London that used to be a proud possession of the Indian dynasty since roughly around the 13th century. As is the byproduct of colonialism, this story highlights the great wealth that was stolen from many such regions by the British. When David Cameron, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, was asked if he would return the Kohinoor to its original owners, he replied “If I say yes, the entire British Museum would be empty.” This type of social conditioning has led to people of color developing almost a sense of Stockholm syndrome where they behold anything from the hands of the oppressors to be of great value.

This is a form of brainwash that “Bling it Back” hopes to shine light on. Check out the lyric video above!


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Learn more about SUVI in the video below!

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