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Project Project Movement In LA
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A projected monument to the people and a moving tribute to those silenced by anti-Black violence.

Project Pro-ject was born of a deep admiration for all of the illustrative, informative, and incredibly emotional work that’s being created by BIPOC artists across the globe in response to, and in concert with, the Black Lives Matter movement. Our aim is to assist in the imagining of a new world- one where worth and joy are shared by all people- with the city of Los Angeles as its canvas.


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Madeleine Project Project
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Founders from left to right: Zoe, Gyasi, Madeleine.

Compiling submissions from more than 50 revolutionary artists, Project Pro<ject curates a larger-than-life exhibition projecting their works onto Los Angeles city structures. By showcasing these pieces around and above the protests, Project Pro-ject creates an integrated experience honoring the past, looking towards the future, and celebrating this historical moment we embody.

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