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Stream "Spacy Kacy" The Latest Single From Dean Cee And Dolo Duce Duke – Music Video Coming Soon!

Dean Cee’s latest single “Spacy Kacy” is a sensational track filled with rich feels, space-laden beats and an alluring sound. The track is peppered with great lyricism, dynamic flows and a rhythm that gets your body thumping in all the right ways.

The intro to the song embodies spaced out beats in a realm that echoes with an otherworldly feel that later splits into a dynamic rap sequence. There’s flowing melodic breaks throughout the song that allow you to dive into an ethereal world of sounds, beats and flows that evoke an emotive and cerebral response.

The dynamic between Dean Cee and Dolo Duce Duke is an explosive fusion that brings together a fiery synergy of flows, coupled with powerful beats produced by Dean Cee that lure the listener into a whole new world. With the line “I can’t get enough…. I’m lookin’ for the smoke out, I’m trynna to fill my lungs, I’m feeling kind of Spacy” wraps us into a moment of pure ecstasy. In the echoed-out space a distant voice cuts through giving us a feel of reeling into a higher dimension unique to Spacy Kacy’s universe.

The single is currently streaming on all platforms!

Spacy Kacy - Dean Cee x DoloDuceDuke
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Born in Ohio, Dean has overcome tremendous obstacles and has homed in a sound that is utterly unique with timeless raps that mirror the struggle of someone who strives for the betterment of himself and the world at large. Later moving to Indiana, Dean tells stories of a young man overcoming great obstacles. His love of the arts and acting has allowed him to channel much of what he’s endured into something genuinely positive and constructive through his use of transcendent sound, edgy beats, and a seductive auditory experience.

The ethereal sounds emanating from “Spacy Kacy” is reminiscent of a young Kid Cudi. Dean slides in with the lines “This ain’t no hobby, Built from the ground, Giving hits like I’m Bobby, No carbon copy” attesting to the originality and commitment to his craft. His hard-edged lyricism and crispy flows create an enigmatic sound that has a maturity and elegance all on its own.

Dean Cee has also masterfully blended his flows with Dolo Duce Duke’s in a way that is genre-defying and shatters countless barriers. Both beautifully fuse together a feel to produce a single that is all about challenging boundaries and limitations while bringing in a whole new boldness of sound.

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