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SomeTimes (Semi-Final) Marq Robinson
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SomeTimes (Semi-Final)

Some bridges just gotta burn em some lessons you gotta learn

Some shit you just can’t have until you feel like you worth it some bridges get built and some don’t like to be crossed some you gotta leave burning and you might learn a lot lessons from the loss or you can be hard headed and shrug it off Some shit just don’t be that deep and I forget that but sometimes it is and im too nonchalant. Sometimes I feel real. Sometimes I feel like a fraud. I hate to say but often times I still feel like god at my highs everything at our lows shit I’m nothing at all I’m on twitter with a sermon like I ain’t lost. Some times you just want to call the whole thing off

but you gotta strong cause you know if you didn’t get going when the shit got tough then it wasnt meant  for you at all and I know that shit be rough to hear so I put it songs cause when I spit in person you giving me the impression I’m wrong I hate the pain but I enjoy being strong

Some times you wake up in the rain and that’s life but don’t let another niggas cloud ever block out yo light. Shine every chance you get even if they say it’s too bright. Mhm

Sometimes you feel dope my whole life is a bar. Spread peace and inspire hope young nigga you ain’t gotta get over on your brothers to make it far stay away from the hate don’t let it become who you are make sure you keep a little love in your heart Bars and dedicated lines for the ones that wasn’t mine man this ones for my whole fucking bloodline i hope you hear this and feel little less concerned with the why just live your life

You see sometimes we just get a lot on our mind

You see


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