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Interlude #1 Marq Robinson
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Interlude #1

How much it cost to have a good life and no problems sometimes I wonder maybe I’m to vain but either way Imma need that next summer I’m tryna come up need it two times over for getting two timed just one too many times for my quota hold up

You know what I should be getting over grudges instead I’m keeping score of smudges

Rolling dutches and the backwoods look like they need crutches holding bluefaces no biggie if we buss it pockets on a couple hundred and I’m not even stunting this shit is just another Sunday or Monday at the function we fully funded I know the game I can tell when you bluffing it’s all lame that’s chump change go get you some money start a business with low overhead and keep it running reinvest and raise your rates for more incoming then take the profits to buy land in the country that’s free game here’s to hoping you chumps change and make it from nothing

Started rapping with my cousin about life he said if it wasn’t meant to be or happen twice you would’ve never done it in the first place I was like damn that’s great advice took it and started running up the price I raised that shit same night true story this just feel like one them nights where the vision going further than my sight

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