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Stream Donuts (Semi-Final) 2021 Leak From Marq Robinson
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Donuts (Semi-Final)

Bitch I’m lit doing 100 mile donuts in the whip too slick

Cross town getting donuts with yo bitch all this icing look like a fucking donut on my wrist and I’m spicy bitch might just do a donut on the dick

Whole lotta business on the DL I got bread out the email the TL pop Ks on retail me and devil the dancing in them details I spit gems and I’m hip on the resell keep the seashells

To ya self we only talk about wealth bad bitches and health it might sound like a different a language to the layman’s we are not the same you can tell by huh you can tell by the chain you can tell cause it’s fucking brand name when I ship it these ain’t bricks a different type of legitimate what you know about cribs what you know bout kicks what you know bread naw you know about this so I don’t know about you but you can watch move and learn a thing or two if you want to get hip cause I figured out how to get the bands off the rip and ever since my shit been like this

I could give the whole block chains these non fungible tokens blowing zips through yo workday like I get paid to smoke it my double up every three months the portfolio potent And I would laugh but bitch i ain’t joking

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