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Stay In VaVoom - KCRW's Summer Club & Lucha VaVoom
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KCRW's Summer Club & Lucha VaVOOM Present: Stay-In VaVOOM

In partnership with KCRW’s “Summer Club,” Lucha VaVOOM – Los Angeles’ longest-running, most celebrated variety show, where Mexican masked wrestling, burlesque, and comedy collide – presents a one-night livestreaming event, Stay-In VaVOOM. The upcoming livestream event will be co-hosted by KCRW’s Anthony Valadez and LVV’s own Miss Rita.

The show is set to stream on Thursday, September 3 at 8:00pm and is free to KCRW members. Non-member tickets available with any donation amount ($1 minimum).


Musical Guests: Donita Sparks of L7, StarCrawler, and Object As Subject

Comedy Lineup: Patton Oswalt, Andy Richter, Greg Proops, Drew Carey, Blaine Capatch, and more.

Fans can also expect to see world-class, professional lucha libre-style wrestling between two-time Reina de Reinas Champion Taya Valkrie, Dama Fina, ChupacabraDr Maldad, and the Crazy Chickens; along with appearances from stunning daredevil aerialist Veronica Yune, some of the top skaters in the world courtesy of the LA Roller Girls, and comedian and actor Brandon Johnson reprising his role as “The Reverend.”

Regarding her inspiration for Stay-in VaVOOM, Rita shares:
 “Growing up in the greater Los Angeles area, summers have always had a mythical quality to me. Long summer vacations from school, days and nights spent at the beaches and parks with friends, hearing summer radio hits that stay with you forever, and watching beautiful real life sunsets (and then seeing them airbrushed on t-shirts and vans) are all enmeshed to form my L.A. experience in the seemingly carefree 70’s & 80’s.
Using the city landscape, combined with the beauty of lucha libre (featuring our local luchadors) and performances from our local burlesque dancers, aerialists, roller skaters, comedians, musical guests, and lowriders, we wanted to pay tribute to the city of Los Angeles and to the summer of 2020 that kind-of was, along with put together an event to encourage all KCRW and Lucha VaVOOM fans from around the world to pull together, stay in, stay safe, and stay optimistic.”
Lucha VaVOOM Highlights

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