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Soundtrack For Democracy Podcast
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The Soundtrack For Democracy Podcast - Episode 7 - Stand Your Ground Laws & The Iran Contra

Things start off hot this week with a sizzling take on the best ice cream and donuts in Los Angeles. The hosts Nick and Marq follow that up with the current state of affairs regarding the pandemic and the lack of action from Congress and the president. After that they get into a recap of the Iran Contra and Stand Your Ground laws.


Topics This Week

Iran Contra

Trump Handling Of Foreign Powers

Good Donuts In LA

Congress Back In Session

Self Defense


Track This Week

WAP – Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion

Why Would I Stop – Big Sean


Bonus Links

Ben Shapiro on WAP –

Iran Contra Wikipedia –

Cyntoia Brown Case –

Wall Street Journal Covering Stand Your Ground Laws & Trayvon Martin Case –

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