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Spectrum Art - On Vine Hollywood - Kilroy
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Spectrum At On Vine Hollywood – Watch The Virtual Art Reveal On Netflix's New Campus

Spectrum art reveal at On Vine is a free and open to the public virtual art unveiling, which invites viewers of all ages to enjoy the show from the convenience of their own screen. The 40-minute broadcast will air at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, December 1, 2020. Alongside a series of video interviews that chronicle the artwork from conception to execution, the hybrid program will offer virtual live chats with project partners, behind the scenes footage, high-fidelity aerial cinematography, and an artfully produced curtain drop to uncover the first-ever public glimpse of SPECTRUM.

The virtual program will loop throughout the day from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., with the live chat feature available exclusively during the 10 a.m. showing.


Virtual Event Featuring:

  • John Kilroy, CEO, Chairman, Kilroy Realty
  • Maggie West, Artist, Maggie West Photography
  • Jeremy Kirsch, Owner, Artist, SparkleMasters
  • Joey Shimoda, Principal Architect, Shimoda Design Group
  • Genoveva Carmona, Senior Manager, Global Workplace Design, Netflix
  • Heather Carmichael, Executive Director, (501c3) My Friend’s Place
  • Sam Polk, CEO, Everytable
  • Deedee Postil Krawczyk, Principal, DPA Fine Arts (Master of Ceremonies)
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Los Angeles-based artist Maggie West has turned her glowing neon lens to a variety of noteworthy causes—from her series celebrating the wide range of the gender spectrum, to portraits that reflect themes of body positivity and modern womanhood. West’s photography and installation work amplifies a diverse set of voices and opinions and has captured the attention of global brands (Google, Adidas), cultural institutions (California Academy of Sciences, Smithsonian) and celebrities alike (Lebron James, Sam Smith, Alexander Wang, Stephanie Beatriz and Alia Shawkat), who turn to West for her inimitable style.

For Kilroy Realty’s 3.5-acre on Vine property, the real estate developer sought out a truly spectacular artist collaboration to create an emblem of beauty for the Hollywood community. Hollywood’s pioneers in sequin imagery, SparkleMasters, worked with West to fabricate the industry’s first all-metal, photographic sequin mosaic. The glittering work of hand-crafted kinetic art spans 65 x 17 feet, five-stories tall, and is made up of 39,000 powder coated stainless steel sequins. Each 3 x 3-inch square sequin is laser-cut, custom painted and then intricately hung to create a vibrant, eye-catching portrait. The mesmerizing result, from any distance vantage point, is brought to life using only the power of wind and sun.

SPECTRUMby definition “a condition that is not limited to a specific set of values but can vary, without steps, across a continuum,” imagines a world in which our color perception is uninhibited by our physical limitations. The piece explores gender expression and depicts an androgynous portrait of a young woman through an imagined lens of unhindered perception. 

With the added touch of Tinseltown’s glitz and glam, SPECTRUM celebrates inclusivity in a vibrant and visual way. It invites those who choose to engage with it to lose themselves in the work of art, while challenging our imaginations and filling our world with color and escapism.

The same can be said for Kilroy’s desire to broadcast the art reveal virtually to an audience around the world. “We all need art. Now more than ever, we need avenues that inspire,” says John Kilroy, CEO of Kilroy Realty. “In a post-pandemic world, the role of public art will be even more important. Obviously, we cannot visit museums and galleries in-person or even experience outdoor public works to some degree, but we still want to honor our new public art installations. SPECTRUM is helping shape Hollywood’s culture and heritage. This special event is our way of virtually celebrating with a broad audience that something beautiful is waiting to be discovered in Hollywood.” Kilroy has a robust art program, and unwaveringly believes that art enriches environments. With over 300 pieces of art throughout its West Coast real estate portfolio, with approximately 50 being public, Kilroy is thrilled to reveal SPECTRUM and celebrate another inspirational installation within the Hollywood community.

On Vine - Balcony
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Kilroy’s second development in Hollywood, on Vine, is a ~600,000 SF mixed-use, creative urban campus that artfully blends workplace, production, and luxury residential within a full 3.5-acre city block. The workplace and production spaces are 100% leased by Netflix and are nearing completion in 4Q2020. The property is buzzing with activity as Netflix builds out its newest Hollywood location, with their tenant improvements slated to be completed the first half of 2021. Jardine, the site’s luxury residential tower, is wrapping up construction and slated for preleasing in 1Q2021.

on Vine is targeting LEED Gold certification by the U.S. Green Building Council, and the project was designed by architect Joey Shimoda FAIA, principal of Shimoda Design Group. The public art was instrumental in the masterplan of the property from the very beginning. The art piece, SPECTRUM, pulls the energy from Sunset Boulevard and Vine Street right into the heart of the project.  It was envisioned to be interwoven into the fabric of the buildings. “SPECTRUM augments the design on so many different levels, and in this case the architecture and the art become one” says Shimoda. “It is unique in that the art aligns perfectly with the lobby entrance, where the entrance to the building and the art become a singular experience. The entry doors and the art become one and the visitor experiences SPECTRUM as a six-story high passage into the building.”


The virtual art reveal coincides with a charitable campaign by Kilroy to support homeless youth. Hollywood is reeling from a pre-COVID homeless crisis, now worsened by the pandemic. Kilroy is working towards a brighter future through the built environment and strategic partnerships with 501c3 My Friend’s Place, a Hollywood-based organization helping youth experiencing homelessness to move toward wellness, stability and self-sufficiency. In providing a $10,000 donation alongside 2,000 pre-prepared meals in partnership with Everytable, Kilroy aims to support some of Los Angeles’ most vulnerable populations and kick-start a long-lasting partnership with this impactful community resource.

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