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SH!TWTF Music Video - Tony Velour
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SH!TWTF – Tony Velour Releases New Single & Video – Album 3M Out On 10/13 Via Mad Decent Records

Atlanta based rapper, producer and songwriter Tony Velour has released his experimental punk/electronic-infused rap anthem “SH!TWTF” alongside it’s high-adrenaline music video. “IT MAKES ME WANNA BEAT MY OWN ASS,” Velour says of the intense new self-produced track and self-directed video.

“SH!TWTF” arrives in stark contrast in style to Tony Velour’s recent trap-meets-happy hardcore single “EURO PLUG” (feat. Dylan Brady), both of which will appear on his forthcoming album 3M, due out October 15th via Mad Decent.

Traversing forward-thinking trap, experimental electronic/pop and visceral punk sprinkled with R&B/soul, psychedelia, sludgy guitar and more all through a uniquely “Tony Velour” lens, the multi-talented Atlanta artist wrote, produced and recorded most of 3M alone in one week this March confined to his home studio. Alluding to the hyper-reflective, bright shining fabric, the title 3M represents an ethos of perseverance that assumes many forms throughout the full body of work, omnipresent in his raw, reflective lyricism and emotive, dexterous flows that fans continue to connect with on a personal level.


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