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Sapra - She Is The Best
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“She is the Best” – Sapra Pays Tribute To Women And The Power of Positivity In New Single

Words matter and a simple greeting to music artist Sapra was the inspiration for his newest track, “She Is The Best.” With a beat and tempo that makes people want to dance, it’s a tribute to women and a celebration of the power that positivity can create in a person’s life.

Watch the video below!

“Someone came up to me and said, ‘You’re the best,’ and that made me feel super good, confident and happy,” said Sapra. “It’s important to understand how our words make others feel. When we use words of encouragement, it can motivate them for life. It’s so important to always choose our words wisely and always use words of encouragement. I used the title ‘She is the Best’ because I believe [a] woman is the strongest and most powerful creature in the world. Positivity is a chain reaction and attracts more positivity. Each and every human being has something special that makes them unique.”

Singer, dancer and actor, Sapra is also the video director and co-wrote the song’s lyrics with Kristoffer Krass and Sharad Tripathi. Actress and choreographer, Amanda Macleod, brings the lyrics to vibrant life without uttering a single word. Creative producers for the project were Sartaj Randhawa and Gregory Desgouttes, with music produced by Ara Torosyan.

The combined talents of director of photography Justin Knodel, editor Egor Djatlov, and colorist Ashish Dawar, successfully portray a gritty environment in which Macleod is able to emerge and shine through the power of encouragement and positive thinking.

About Sapra
Sapra is a rapper, actor and dancer based in Los Angeles, CA. He’s rapped, danced and acted in countless videos that’s garnered millions of views. His focus is conveying a message for youths, promoting drug awareness, human rights issues, and the power of love and how it carries the potential to help people overcome any obstacle.

Sapra Press Photo
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