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Soundtrack For Democracy Podcast
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The Soundtrack For Democracy Podcast - Episode 3 - Hosted By Nick Murphy and Marq Robinson

In this episode, we ponder the reinstatement of the death penalty and the not-so-secret police pulling people off the streets in Oregon. What does this mean for the Trump administration and the near future of politics during an election year, especially as trump polls lower? We also get into more discussion on free speech as it pertains to certain platforms and messaging.


Topics This Week

Trump Polls Lower Against Biden

Protestors in Portland Kidnapped By Federal Agents

The Free Speech Debate pt 2.


Tracks From This Episode

Saturday Night – Marq Robinson

Let Me Down – Oliver Tree

Live Fast Die Young – The Circle Jerks

Blitzkrieg Pop – The Ramones

Link To The Official Playlist For Democracy


Bonus Links

Legal Information Institute – First Amendment Re: Hate Speech & Libel

Link To Resource


Marq’s Further Exploration Of Hate Speech, Free Platforms, And Free Speech

Link To Notes

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