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Session Goods Designer Piece Collection - Lifestyle Pic
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Session Goods Launches Limited-Edition Designer Series Featuring Monochromatic White And Black Pieces To Celebrate 4 Years In Business

Session Goods, the San Francisco based lifestyle brand creating modern cannabis pieces, is pleased to announce the launch of their exclusive, limited-edition Designer Series. To celebrate the brand’s fourth birthday, Session Goods has taken their award-winning, iconic design, smoking accessory line and created a limited edition run of all black and white bongs, pipes, and cleaning caps.

This series was created to explore the beautiful styling of their modern products by purposefully indulging in stereotypical designer aesthetics of monochromatic black and white. These two contrasts have inspired countless artists, designers and brands and conveys class and refinement. Fashion can be so much more than clothing and accessories. Session Goods new Designer Series intersects fashion and cannabis – two things that are important to many but rarely connected. With thoughtfulness that flows through every fine detail, this matchup is timeless, sleek, and effortlessly trendy. Intersecting fashion and cannabis is a new phenomenon.

Session Goods Designer Piece Collection
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Session Goods Designer Piece Collection - Lifestyle Pic Ft Cannabis Twins
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When it comes to design, color is just an element. Black and white provides a sophistication that color can’t. For this launch, the brand chose to abandon the rainbow for something more simple – a minimalistic, high-contrast, dynamic duo. The Designer Series captures the edgy, sophisticated, drool-worthy facets of Session Goods’ smoking accessories highlighted in the duality of black and white. The color Ash Black has undeniable power and strength and its darkness creates a unique visual potency. Black connotes seriousness and diligence, it can be sinister or rebellious, while simultaneously being the epitome of chic and sophistication with a hint of eroticism. It is smart, elegant, and attractive – black never goes out of style. Cloud White has a gravitas that speaks for itself with an elegance that creates a stunning visual allure. White epitomizes clean minimalism and purity and is imbued with a sense of luxury, balance, and harmony. It is both richly classy and impractically extravagant.

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These phenomenal smoking accessories combine smooth, clean lines, and an elevated aesthetic to create pieces that look and perform like no other. From the angled mouthpiece to the tapered body and the stylish silicone sleeve, each piece is still as beautiful, functional, and unapologetically simple as its original design. The addition of the black tinted glass of the all-black designer series and the frosted white finish of the all-white set will hit every visual pleasure center in the brain. The seductive limited-edition line will be the perfect addition to any discerning smoker’s collection. All Session Goods products are made of high-quality materials and designed with an elegant and sophisticated look that highlights simple and functional smoking features.

These products are available for purchase on

The Bong retails for $200 which will also include a set of matching cleaning caps and the pipes retail for $50.

Session Goods Designer Series - Product Shot
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