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Always On My Mind Music Video
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Rising Artist Sapra Releases A New Single Always On Mind – Music Video Out Now

Sapra delivers again with new track, Always On My Mind. The single speaks of the feeling of longing to be with someone and features the rapper’s signature style blurring worldly sounds with pop influences and hiphop. The complimentary visuals show a man literally and figuratively fighting to keep hold on to cherished memories while undergoing an operation.

-Sapra’s Vision In More Detail

The musical short film tells the story of a protagonist whose insatiable thirst for money results in a fifty-year prison sentence. In order to be released early, he is forced to undergo a memory wiping procedure. During this procedure, he tries his best to hold onto the memory of his girlfriend so that he will always remember her when he is released. I and my team have worked for over a year to produce this on our own without any funding and support from outside.

To develop the project, Sapra worked with a diverse team of Los Angeles filmmakers like Michael Washington as Director and Tigran Mutafyan as the Director of Photography along with Michael Philpot as Costumer and Justin Knodel as the Cinematographer. This creative diversity is something that Sapra champions in his lyrics and cultivates behind the scenes on every projects he produces.

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Sapra - Always On My Mind Music Video
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