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Rony Seikaly Previews Upcoming Album Moonwalk At Sound Nightclub

This past weekend (October 16th) Rony Seikaly dropped in at Sound Nightclub to preview his upcoming release titled Moonwalk. Rony is an NBA player turned house DJ producer. After playing in the NBA for 11 seasons (1989-2000), he set his sights on mastering his true passion: house music and has played countless gigs across the world over the past decade; including the Ibiza circuit every summer.

Stream Rony's Latest Single "Safari"

Lit AF doesn’t even begin to describe the atmosphere at Rony’s recent show in LA. The night opened up with an amazing set from DJ/Producer Cole Knight, before Rony took the stage and rocked the audience. He delivered a full experience and then some running through the tracks off his upcoming album, Moonwalk, which features spots from Diddy, Sasha, and even a Michael Jordan voiceover. The energy from the crowd was palpable as they danced all night anticipating each drop. Rony’s blending of HipHop elements, Afro-Brazilian music, unique vocals and more with traditional tech-house sounds made this show and the album something to be remembered.

Use the links below to follow Rony Seikaly and catch one of his upcoming sets as he leads up to the release of Moonwalk in March. His latest single “Safari” is out now and streaming on all platforms!

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About Rony Seikaly
Ronald Fred Seikaly is a Lebanese-American former professional basketball player. Seikaly was one of the first internationally born players to make an impact on American basketball. After his retirement from basketball, Seikaly became a successful real estate developer. He also works in electronic music as a producer/DJ, and hosts a radio show, Sugar Free Radio, on Sirius/XM.

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