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Alice Longyu Gao - Remixes EP
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Rich Bitch Juice Remixes – Out Now via Dog Show Records

Following her debut outing on Dog Show Records with the Dylan Brady-produced sister singles “Rich Bitch Juice” and “Dumb Bitch Juice,” lauded New York via China and Harajuku avant-pop multi-hyphenate Alice Longyu Gao today releases 6 new and unique “Rich Bitch Juice” remixes, out now and streaming everywhere HERE via Dog Show Records.

Dumb Bitch Juice - Alice Longyu Gao Gif
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1. Rich Bitch Juice (Gupi Remix)
2. Rich Bitch Juice (Laura Les Remix)
3. Rich Bitch Juice (HANA Remix)
4. Rich Bitch Juice (Count Baldor Remix)
5. Rich Bitch Juice (Blu DeTiger Remix)
6. Rich Bitch Juice (Dylan Brady Remix)

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