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Former Marvel Artist And Crypto Veterans Launch Piñazza Gamified NFTs to Build A Metaverse-based DAO Supporting Mental Health

Piñazza, a gamified NFT project that financially supports mental health charities, recently launched the first series of its two-part NFT drop. The Piñazza Piñas launched on Aug 26th exclusively on Everyone who mints a Piña will receive a free future airdrop of a Piñazza Pizza NFT. Collectors are encouraged to mix, match, and pair. Owners get 2 opportunities to receive a rare drop and ability to trade up with the community to create hilarious partnerships and unique perfect matches based on attributes.

One hundred tokens will be dropped to a lucky selection of community members. Successful sales will also result in building a “golden pineapple” statue within the metaverse that will act as a “Virtual Wishing Well” where some proceeds benefit the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) via a DAO.

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Piñazza was developed by Michael Lennicx, a former Art Director for Nickelodeon Animation Studios, whose client list includes Marvel Comics, Sesame, Disney, MTV, Lego and more; and by Wiley Mathews, an early crypto enthusiast who builds community, helping produce hallmark events such as the The 20 Million Dollar Pizza Party, Crypto HQ Davos, and The Crypto Psychedelic Conference and who lead mobile strategy for Omnicom where he worked on the launch of iAds with Apple. He now runs Honeycomb Ventures, a blockchain accelerator. The project was also developed by Alexx Shadow, an experienced crypto project lead who has founded a number of projects including the recent and advises on future NFT innovations.

“We’re putting fun into the NFT space through an innovative gamified NFT drop that also supports a very good cause,” said Wiley Mathews, co-creator of Piñazza. “Piñazza NFTs are not just compelling collectibles but they will create future opportunities for fun and utility throughout the metaverse, so we’re really excited to introduce this to the community.”

“In creating Piñazza, we pushed the boundaries of standard pfp NFTs: we explored character posing, extreme expressions, and more elaborate backgrounds,” said Michael Lennicx, co-creator of Piñazza. “This resulted in a higher end product and a wild variety of characters, some unpredictable, that I think will bring endless laughs and inspiration to the NFT community.”

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The NFT drop features:

  • 10,000 uniquely generated Piña NFTs (1st drop) followed by 10,000 Pizza NFTS (2nd drop)
  • Decentralized governance where Piñazza’s future can be decided by the community at large
  • Full IP and commercial use of each Piñazza on a non-exclusive basis
  • Over 50 exclusive ‘Pinazza Perfects” within the whole set / Millions of combinations plus extra toppings of rarity.

The drop is securely hosted on IPFS and includes an instant reveal of NFTs as well as fair limits on mint amounts. The entire collection includes over 300,000,000 possible combinations of unique Piñazzas. Participation in the first drop yields an opportunity to participate in the PIZZA NFT airdrop, where the goal will be to trade for matching pairs for fun collecting rarities and “perfect” Piñazzas. The community will vote and engage on their favorites and the creators will accommodate by adding memes, merchandise, and exclusive artwork for fans and followers.

For more information, please visit

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