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Picturistik Burbank - Photo Experience
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Visit Picturistik Photo Experience Grand Opening In Burbank May 8th - The Flagship Installations Include Featured Work From Local Artist Raul Gonzalez

Burbank-based art installation Picturistik is officially open to the public and ready to bring pops of color, creativity, and a gallery of insta-worthy photos back to Angelenos! If you’ve ever been to art installations like The Museum of Ice Cream or The Happy Place, the concept of Picturistik is similar as you walk through a multi-sensory gallery full of fun and quirky art exhibits. Unlike the other examples mentioned, Picturistik has a deep commitment to the LA community meaning they work exclusively with local artists to design and create their one of a kind sets. On top of that, the team uses sustainable and recyclable materials whenever possible, combining art with activism to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary while minimizing negative affects.

– Gallery owners Sirce & Chris on why they wanted to launch this business now, more than ever:

As an artists [we] wanted to build a space for artists and art lovers to create, imagine, and experience. We also wanted to create a welcoming atmosphere for all people. Diversity in art and business is important to us and Picturistik helps us live out that vision. We also wanted to focus on sustainably creating a space so we repurposed and recycled as often as possible.”

The owners have also committed to giving back a percentage of the proceeds to charity, while also connecting people, organizations, and resources that need it most. Ultimately they hope to empower the greater Los Angeles community by becoming a mainstay for creative and communal support on top of being a place for recreation.

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Learn more about the first featured artist Raul Gonzalez below.

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Featured Artist Raul Gonzalez

L.A. native Raul Gonzalez has been a working artist for 18 years. He steadily creates financial opportunity for entrepreneurs and established individuals. His unique and thorough approach to raw art, branding and design has earned him attention from some of Los Angeles most well-known names. The evolution of Raul’s work is motivated by a desire for change in himself as a father, and a passion to promote his private philosophy about the way art is used in the media to promote business. Raul has contributed his skill to Larry Flynt of Hustler, Alpine Stars, Red Bull, Yamaha, Ducati of North America, Nine West, Project Youth, and, currently, designer Jeffery Kurt.

Picturistik Burbank - Grand Opening
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