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Top 25 Finalists For Annual Art Can Contest
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Pabst Blue Ribbon Reveals Top 25 Finalists For Annual Art Can Contest

Grand-Prize Winner To Receive $10,000, Interview with Juxtapoz and Artwork Showcased on Over 30 Million Cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon Nationwide


Pabst Blue Ribbon announced the Top 25 finalists for its annual Art Can Contest. Pabst Blue Ribbon launched its pioneering art contest in 2012, cementing its commitment to supporting creativity by giving up its most prized possession, its can, to its creative community. Nine years later, Pabst Blue Ribbon has awarded over $100,000 to emerging artists and designers, placed original artwork on over 350 million cans and cemented the contest’s mantra:

It’s Always Been Your Beer, Now Make it Your Can.”
– Pabst Blue Ribbon

2020’s submissions saw another outpouring of creativity, with over 4,200 entries spanning illustration, graphic design, cartoons and more. With 13 states and 18 cities represented in the Top 25, fans across the country have every reason to get involved and lend their voice to the decision making process by picking for their favorite designs online.

Pabst Blue Ribbon will again partner with leading arts and culture publication Juxtapoz to help determine the winner. For over 25 years, Juxtapoz has supported emerging artists and communities whose artwork may otherwise go unseen in the mainstream and commercial art world. Its vision of championing marginalized and overlooked artists is an ethos shared by Pabst Blue Ribbon.

This year’s grand-prize winner will be announced on February 26th and awarded $10,000, an interview with Juxtapoz, and see their art covering over 30 million cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon in the Fall.

Second and third place will receive prizes of $3,500 and $1,500.

Following last year’s contest, Pabst Blue Ribbon invited winner Zach Rosebrugh and finalists including Adam Rosenbaum, Jorge Torrealba, Dakota Cates, and Rob Israel to create capsule merch collections for the brand. Standout pieces from the collections included lunch boxes, skate boards, basketball hoops and apparel. This year, Pabst Blue Ribbon will invite all of its Art Can finalists to join its creative community, by again creating capsule collections and commissioning work from all 25.

The Art Can Contest is a flagship pillar in Pabst Blue Ribbon’s decades-long commitment to supporting creativity, making the beer a fixture at galleries, concerts and DIY events across America. In April 2020, PBR launched its 1000 Creators Program, to commission 1000 artists affected by the pandemic. To date, Pabst Blue Ribbon has commissioned work from over 500 bartenders, designers, animators, dancers, singers, directors and launched additional programs including Blue Ribbon Studios, Straight From Your Local Bartender, and Workshop Wednesday, giving artists of all stripes the chance to do what they do best – create.

Top 25 Artists:

Ashley Dreyfus ( Boise, ID Design

David Van Patten (@davevanpatten) Long Beach, CA Design

Dylan Odbert (@dylpykol) San Clemente, CA Design

Emma Covill (@emmajacquelynnart) Missoula, MT Design

Fantasia A. Graham (@justfanni) Chicago, IL Design

Frank Norton (@fbnorton) Kansas City, MO Design

Holden Mesk (@holdenmesk) Asheville, NC Design

Joe Tallman (@joe_tallman_) Rockford, IL Design

John P Dessereau ( New York, NY Design

Jordan Roy (@timemachine.28) New Hampshire Design

Joseph Gotkin (@joegotkinart) Design

Kolby Newton (@shaboykolby) Emporia, KS Design

Luke McGarry (@lukeymcgarry) Los Angeles, CA Design

Lisa Champ ( New York, NY Design

Maddy Hall (@_maddyhall) Nashville, TN Design

Michele Scott (@m.scooot) Philadelphia, PA Design

Monika Jurczyk (@iammonsie) Edinburgh, EH Design

Patrick Carroll (@pat_roison) Austin, TX Design

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