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Pabst Blue Ribbon Introduces Revolutionary In Home Advertising Concept | America’s Favorite Beer To Pay People to Turn Their Homes and Household Items Into Ad Space

For over a year, people have been forced to spend more time than ever indoors. For the average Joe, which is basically near everyone, earning extra cash is always a plus. So, instead of paying some fat cat media conglomerate to advertise to them from the outside world through expensive insertions, Pabst Blue Ribbon is shifting the entire media approach indoors with the launch of the newest money making scheme, In Home Advertising. Starting today, participants can transform their homes into ad space by exploiting their common household goods and have the blue ribbon pay them for it.

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– Nick Reely, VP Marketing – PBR

One of the principles we operate under at PBR is subversion. Another principle is offering lighthearted and self-aware entertainment to our friends and audiences. A third principle isn’t really giving money away but that’s ok. We made an exception for this campaign.”

Through a selection of your everyday household goods, people at home can turn shower curtains, rugs, fish tank billboards, toilet lids and even a dining room tablecloth into branded content for some cash because frankly, why not? Each item has a corresponding monetary value, in which participants send them in and Pabst Blue Ribbon posts proof of installation, then you get paid to “run” the ads inside the comfort of your home. Why? Because Pabst Blue Ribbon’s ads need a home and they’d rather pay you than a media fat cat.

All you have to do is browse online at to “shop” for available merchandise for free then Pabst Blue Ribbon sends the order straight to your home. Participants snap photos of the items to start their at home media campaign, posting images of their household ads onto their socials and tagging @pabstblueribbon to redeem their payouts from the blue ribbon.

“PBR is really committed to its customers, and has always done marketing that actually connects with people in super fun, authentic ways. They always make interesting, modern marketing, so collaborating with them has been a complete blast. This idea in particular proves my point—instead of going the traditional marketing/media route, we did something fun and surprising that directly benefits the people who love PBR most. Their fans. Hopefully they have as much fun putting our self aware ad lines in their homes as we did coming up with them. If not, well at least they’re getting paid to do it!

– Craig Allen, Founder & Chief Creative Office, CALLEN

From Tuesday, September 21 to Friday, September 24, participants are encouraged to “shop” for merchandise while supplies last. Cash out, rats.

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