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On A List Indie Series - Nicole Simone AKA Late July And James Darch
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On A List – Popular Artist, Late July, Is Branching Out With A New Indie Series Featuring UK West End Theatre Star James Darch

On A List is a British-Canadian romantic dramedy about vulnerability and trust with a weird twist. The independent series was written, co-directed and self-produced by Nicole Simone and features her own original music for the soundtrack.

Nicole Simone, Canadian singer-songwriter, producer and actress based out of Toronto and Los Angeles, is introducing a fun and adventurous encounter with West End UK leading man James Darch in her new indie series, On a List.

On a List is about trying new things (and some awful ones) as a means of knowing if you can fall in love with someone. Olivia (played by Nicole Simone) feeling unsatisfied with the world, creates a list and is looking for someone to try it with. The story evolves into something deeper, starting with something as innocuous as getting drunk and quizzing each other, to opening up about past relationships, fears and general desire for happiness. Some secrets are revealed about Olivia and Harry and we see how they manage the depth of this. The drama then takes you on a series of challenges in the form of this list to undertake the hardest things couples go through.

Episodes one and two were released via Youtube in November with the rest set to premier online over the next few months. See the full release schedule below.

Premier Dates

  • Episode 3 – December 9
  • Episode 4 – December 30
  • Episode 5 – January 13
  • Episode 6 – January 27
  • Episode 7 – February 10
  • Episode 8 – February 24

Nicole’s original songEchoes (which forms the general theme of On a List) is about a break up, acknowledging what’s done is done and disappointments are permanent. “This song is Los Angeles in the rain for me driving through the hills. I abruptly left Los Angeles because of lockdown, broke up with the guy I was seeing there and just got off the plane and wrote this,” says Nicole Simone. Devin Hoare did back up vocals and trumpets on this song and it was produced by Guillermo Subauste. Her songs “Confetti” and “What’s Left” have also been included in the soundtrack of the series.

Her fifth EP Oceania is out this winter.

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Nicole Simone - Late July Star Of On A List
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