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Oh Yeah That Banger From Marq
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Oh Yeah

I just had to come up say what’s your name? A couple of times I saw you looking my way and baby that’s okay cause you a pretty little thang oh yeah oh yeah I won’t Take to much time just a little exchange  and I’ll be on my way oh yeah oh yeah

Skinny and awkward but i still got the drip no dirt on my shoulder just a bunch of chips don’t brush em off we hold them call it composure or call it motive that mojo is mighty potent you clowns you like mojo Jojo all fiction no finesse at all friction tell yo lady give me a call when she want to move a little different west coast all pacific chit chatting getting specific oh you from Michigan ok I’m from Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Take a ride through the city in my pretty little thang cause you my pretty little thang

Hit the high way on a road trip and drive for days head straight for Maine cause you my pretty little thang

we can just hang out in LA and that’s okay that’s okay.

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