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Mike Kelley Up Close The Broad
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#TheBroadFromHome: Mike Kelley Up Close And Dynasty Handbag Performance Video

Up Close: Mike Kelley

In the latest episode of Up Close, The Broad’s associate curator Sarah Loyer discusses Broad collection artist Mike Kelley and his exploration of the concept of the sublime in Infinite Expansion (1983).

Up Close is a video series that takes a deeper look at works in the Broad collection, which is notable for the exceptional depth of its holdings and dedication to the full arc of artists’ careers.

Check out the clip above!

Dynasty Handbag - I Hate This Place
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I Hate This Place by Jibz Cameron, AKA Dynasty Handbag

The new Dynasty Handbag performance video, I Hate This Place, commissioned by The Broad, was created in response to Mike Kelley’s Extracurricular Activity Projective Reconstructions #10, 21, 24 (Gym Interior) (2004–2005). Her play-acting of childhood trauma, references to American history and pop culture, and the exploration of repressed memory, all parallel ideas and themes in Kelley’s work.

Dynasty Handbag’s unique takes on these tropes are on display in a mini dramedy of youthful diary confessions with topics including frustration with family and school, repercussions of the Vietnam War, unrequited crushes, and the fantasy escape from reality which music can provide.

See the performance video here.

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