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Up And Coming Artist Goldie Luxx Discusses Her Creative Process In The Studio And Her Path From Other Hobbies To Creating Music

Goldie Luxx is a new alternative R&B artist ready to leave her mark on the music scene in Los Angeles. Her debut single “DRM” released last week on all platforms; the track and music video depict a classic story of entanglement and love gone unreciprocated. With another release on the horizon featuring Big Jade and more tracks in the works, Luxx has no plans to slow down any time soon.

Take a look at out full Q&A below!

Goldie Luxx DRM Still
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Q: What does DRM stand for?

DRM stands for Doesn’t Really Matter, kind of like being unsure but too caught up in the moment to care.

Q: Is this song based on a real experience?

I feel like everyone can relate this to some type of relationship, whether a romantic one or a friendship, and even a family member. The story is speaking of unconditional love. Being so deeply connected to someone that you continue to give your full hope and trust even if it may end up being for the worse for both of you.

Q: How did the video concept come together?

I wanted the video to visually represent how it feels to be entangled with someone. The webs are a play off of ‘no strings attached,’ because nothing is ever fully without a consequence, and even if you warn yourself, you may still find yourself falling blindly in love.

Q: Tell us about your musical journey and how you came to release this track.

We are surrounded by music from the moment we enter this world to the moment we leave it. I always found it easy to pick up hobbies, but nothing really inspired or challenged me. Once I graduated highschool, I began to explore music more seriously, and in it I found a voice for my struggles, relief, experiences, and everything in between. I felt like I found something that would always provide me with a new experience and perspective every time I tried to create something for myself, and this was a super exciting discovery for me. I moved to LA when I turned 21, and I’ve been trying different things, but I found my home in a group called Synergy Recordings, filled with all types of different creatives who all inspire and push each other to make the best possible future every time we sit down to work. This track represents the beginning of that journey, and the feelings I get when I sit down and ask myself who I am, and what I plan to do with my time here.

Q: What does your creative process look like?

My favorite way to work is to create something based on the vibe in the studio. My favorite tracks have been where I’m sitting there live with the producer and engineer and they lay down a loop. I add my ideas, they build on it, and so it goes until we have a new track. This process is usually the most natural and most fun way to work, and it definitely pushes me to make something better every time.

Q: What can we expect from upcoming releases?

I’m excited to say I’m working on a lot more music, and even the track I was working on the other day is a lot more full and bold than where my music was when I started. I think I’ll always be open to trying new things, and I’m looking forward to where that path
will lead me.


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About Goldie Luxx
Santa Barbara based singer Goldie Luxx utilizes music as a tool to inspire people to be themselves. Her name plays on her golden curls while highlighting her inclination for perfectionism. After years of admiring soft alternative artists like Ibeyi, the 21-year-old singer moved to Hollywood to pursue music professionally. Raised by her mother, an educator, Goldie recalls listening to soul and reggae, genres that directly influence her music production process.

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