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LA Based Artist And Entrepreneur Marq Robinson Is Having The Best Year Ever

Self-described “chiller,” Marq Robinson continues a pretty interesting 2022 run. Musically, the artist has been on a tear since his debut performance at The Oracle Tavern in March. He’s dropped a few demos each quarter via his Instagram, slowly revealing the new sound and narrative for his forthcoming album titled, The 28th Hour. In early September, he even leaked a full-ish version of the album which has since been taken down. To punctuate the end of Q3, Marq released a final demo of his lead single which is also titled “The 28th Hour”. The 8 minute track is an anthemic mix of reflection, self-actualization, and transcendence.

“It’s a nod to the grind and everything I’ve accomplished over the last 10 years in LA,” he states. “The position I’m in now creatively, mentally, and professionally took a lot of work and it wasn’t until recently that it all started to come together. I’m really having the best year ever, and I wanted to capture that feeling –this moment.”

Marq Robinson Department Of Chillers Pic
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He truly is having a great year, but it goes beyond the music. In addition to producing what he’s calling “the best album of all time,” Marq has been at the helm of the recently launched Department of Chillers streetwear brand and two thriving businesses in the film industry. The streetwear project started as a one off piece of merch and soon became much more after Marq teamed up with LA Designer, Jose Jimenez, earlier this year. The other businesses include LA Desert Ranch, a film and photo location that recently hit the one year mark for operation and Thrifty Rents, a costume rental company that is entering its 6th year.

“The trend lines are up all around.” Marq declares. “I’m ready to bring it all home.”

Marq has teased a Live At The Sunset Saloon special for November with an album listening party in December, but no official dates have been set.

Stream The 28th Hour and follow links below for more info.

Marq Robinson
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