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LA Based Indie Artist M.A.G.S. Drops In At The Teragram Ballroom With SNARLS And The Happy Fits

Up and coming indie artist M.A.G.S. delivered a stellar performance for the LA stop of his ongoing tour with SNARLS and The Happy Fits.

On Sunday, November 28th, fans lined up around the block in anticipation of the artists’ second show at the Teragram Ballroom in DTLA. SNARLS, an indie-pop band from Columbus, took the stage first offering up a few of their recent hits for the audience and setting the tone for another great night. M.A.G.S. came out next. Full of energy he proclaimed to the concertgoers “if you didn’t already know, M.A.G.S. stands for marijuana and good sex” and with that he was off to the races. Guitar in hand, the rising indie artist played the crowd favorite “Drugs” as well as “Wait,” “Beg,” and other tracks from his latest release Say Things That Matter. Following the amazing set from from M.A.G.S., The Happy Fits came out to close the show with a killer performance that left the crowd begging for an encore.

Check out the remaining tour dates and the official music video for M.A.G.S’ latest single “Wait” below!

M.A.G.S. Close Up Concert
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Say Things That Matter is a celebration, created entirely during a swift change in Douglas’ personal life that landed him in the rays of Los Angeles. The debut LP is an antidote to shifting yourself into gear, supporting your priorities, and ultimately – saying things that absolutely matter. Tracks like “Wait” touch on the Buffalo DIY roots that make up M.A.G.S.’ repertoire, whilst bending norms in the soothing melodies of tracks such as “Staircase” and “Sunrise.”

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About M.A.G.S.
M.A.G.S. is the solo moniker for Buffalo-bred, Los Angeles-based artist Elliott Douglas. His style seamlessly glides between genres ─ from funky garage to minty alt-pop ─ and hooks you in almost immediately. His universal appeal feeds his success, and it’s never at the expense of his art. Elsewhere in his blossoming catalog, songs like “Mvp” and “Hi Tops” zig-zag from visceral, gnarly heavy metal to lo-fi folk-rock, respectively; his musicianship is a marvel to witness, each entry building on the last with refreshing acrobatics.

M.A.G.S. released his first solo record in 2015, an EP titled Cellophane, and his self-titled LP arrived two years later – securing a seat amongst the most prominent indie/alt-rock artists. With his new batch of music, Douglas displayed marked growth in vocal prowess, overall musicality and lyrical bite through the release of 2020’s Lost Tapes EP. 

The Happy Fits Ft M.A.G.S. Tour Dates
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