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Luxe Bites LA Reinvents Charcuterie With Vegan And Gluten Free Options

While events and parties are returning, charcuterie is becoming one of the biggest food trends this year. But what on Earth is charcuterie and why is it so popular?

Charcuterie board is a French term for an assortment of meats, cheese, bread, olives, fruits, nuts and more. Cherie and Daniel, the owners of a charcuterie company Luxe Bites LA, explain that charcuterie is not only a way but also the art of serving food, that’s why it works so well for special occasions and events.

Luxe Bites LA Charcuterie
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This summer has been especially profitable for charcuterie companies. Cherie and Daniel, who have only started their company this year, have seen more sales than they have ever imagined.

“We were developing so fast that we had to change the whole business plan to adapt. The number of orders we get every day, especially for events, is unbelievable… The charcuterie obsession will soon force us to expand beyond Los Angeles.” says Daniel from Luxe Bites LA.

The reason seems to be obvious: charcuterie is all about sharing, being together again. With the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the events, people have become hungry for socializing, chatting, and spending time together. And what’s better than sharing food while talking and celebrating?

While the original translation of “charcuterie” refers to pork (Fr. Pork-butcher shop), today’s customers’ needs have forced charcuterie companies to evolve. Luxe Bites LA offers vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options at no additional cost.

“It is important for us to be accessible to all. People want us at their bridals, baby showers, corporate events, weddings… Basically every type of party you can imagine. We need to meet their needs.” says Cherie from Luxe Bites LA.

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