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Ley Vara Rising R&B Artist Teases New Single And Discusses Recent Toronto Arts Foundation Emerging Artist
Award Nomination

Ley Vara continues her stellar run into 2021 with a new single and award nomination for the Toronto Arts Foundation Emerging Artist Award.  Her recent music video and standout song from 2020, Red Flag, captures the feeling of ultimate betrayal. The production was a collaboration between Ley, Josh Polasz, and Jorge Pineada and with the track, Ley says she hopes to “inspire feelings of empowerment within her listeners by giving them a voice in a toxic relationship.”

Stream Ley Vara’s latest single Not Enough Time and check out our quick Q&A below.

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Q: How did the video concept for Red Flag come together?

My videographer, Sadia, came up with the whole concept. I told her the song was about an
emotionally abusive relationship between a young couple, and it just went from there.

Q: What is your favorite genre to listen to?

My favourite genre to listen to is probably R&B or alternative R&B, it’s hard to choose one.

Q: What does it feel like being nominated for Toronto Arts Foundation Emerging Artist


It feels amazing. I was so surprised when I found out, I thought they got the wrong person or

Q: Which track has been your favorite to record so far?

My favourite track I’ve recorded so far is my newest release, “Not Enough Time”. It was fun
to track because there were so many different layers or harmies. Adding harmonies to a
song is my favourite part.

Q: What is your songwriting process like?

I start with a beat or some sort of idea for the production. Depending on the feel of the
music, I pick a general topic I wanna write about. It could be a happy love song, a toxic
relationship song, and everything in between.

Q: Do you prefer larger crowds or more intimate performances?

Honestly the larger crowd thing sits better with me. I don’t have to make as much eye
contact and I feel like there’s less pressure.

Q: What can fans expect from you this year?

More singles and EP!

Watch Official Red Flag Music Video

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