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Lemon Pepper Freestyle - Marq Robinson
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Lemon Pepper Freestyle (Semi-Final)

6:00a about to lap the city twice either that or we just called it a night it’s 24/7 for the right price i woke up richer invoice got paid overnight so who sleeping on who I don’t need your advice I just need you to respect it when I’m raising the price plus $10 if I gotta quote you twice lately I been moving like it’s just business niggas ask how i do it but they hate my opinion a little too condescending but nigga I’m tryna make a million had to do it all different ok maybe I didn’t but I guess it’s better that I did or wouldn’t live the life that live  one wild ass kid took a flight from the crib shit really was a trip I was in the wing stop parking lot off the xans tryna get a lemon paper I could barely afford it it was me and my mans talking down bad in the valley with a window boarded shit could’ve tragic but if you met me you know I got the magic and I be moving like a god when I’m in control of my habits it’s been a life long challenge real easy to be passive when you ain’t got shit to protect nowadays if it’s static I’m at your bitch and your neck done a lot but I don’t do regrets I got hate on my brain and hold the pain in my chest but it’s love in heart and these drugs in my veins they relieving the stress the perils of success 2:00am at the ampm drinking forty ounces and freestyling niggas was wilding I stopped drinking but I still dream about it and it be fucking me up I wake up and remember it all you on the outside looking thinking it’s luck you got me fucked up the one you see now remodeled from the ground up but the edges still a little rough how much it cost to be the boss couldn’t tell you but I made at least a rack for every nigga I done lost they never tell you about opportunity costs niggas just like to have the upper hand when they putting you on play along but don’t play that game to long that’s how end up committed strung out and addicted cause cocaine one hell of a drug when you looking for love you can trust me I did it my brother never saw me live it but he tell that he proud of me and it’s 100 niggas that I still apologies old heads look up to me shit stuck with me but I gotta admit how much that really fuck with me I probably shouldn’t air this out publicly I just need you to know the full story before you start judging me I can take a L it ain’t no dubbing me when I get where I’m going it ain’t no budging me when my grandma call she tell she praying fam know I need Jesus I keep fucking with satan I used to be vegan now I’m fucking bacon I’m just tryna stay even the rules of life keep changing I ship nationwide fuck tryna be famous it’s niggas state to state that know what my name is done talking about greatest I’ll let you debate it

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