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Ladybug Short Film Still
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English-Portuguese Short Film Ladybug From Director Abhishek Chandra On An International Festival Winning Spree

Ladybug is a 15-minute short Drama featuring Isabela Valotti, Mia Drake and Andre Mattos and is directed by Indian filmmaker Abhishek Chandra. Based on a true events, the film deals with the idea of agony, loss and acceptance.

In its year long journey through various film festivals across the globe, Ladybug has won 18 awards so far and has been nominated in 10 others.

Isabela Valotti in Ladybug
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This subtle and poignant storytelling takes us on a patient journey of the main character Olivia through the acceptance of the death of a beloved one. The realistic tempo in which the acts unfold gives the audience a longing feeling that is typical of a slow healing process we all go through. The visceral dialogue is brave and the performances brilliant. This most precarious subject of loss is handled with beauty, full immersion and sensitivity.

We all have lost somebody we love, have wished we had said more words, have wished we’d spent more time or done things differently. The sober understanding of that loss and the pain it brings is depicted magnificently by the director, Abhishek Chandra in this moody and somber short.

Produced by Abhishek Chandra and Isabela Valotti under Meraki Studios, “Ladybug” has not only touched the audiences in a profound way, but it has also earned quite a few accolades around the world.

Abhishek Chandra Direcor Of Ladybug
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From producing award winning TVCs in Mumbai for leading advertising agencies like JWT, Leo Burnett, DDB Mudra and others, Abhishek Chandra is leaving a long-lasting mark in Los Angeles with his new Portugese-English short Ladybug that’s on a winning streak across festivals around the world. The film Produced and Directed by Chandra has already clinched various awards in 18 film festivals globally. Ladybug won Best International Short at Europe Film Festival, Indo-Singapore Film Festival, Venice Film Awards, Sao Paolo Film Festival, Rameshwaram International Film Festival to name a few. It’s also been nominated in 10 other festivals so far.

Born in Kerala, grew up in Nepal, graduated in Delhi and post-graduated in Mumbai and now living in Los Angeles, it has been quite an interesting journey for the 33-year old filmmaker. His previously produced work have also garnered much appreciation and accolades in the advertising space in India.

Having produced successful music videos for his old and longtime friend Sapra in Los Angeles, Chandra is now collaborating with the American R&B artist Four for his upcoming album. Abhishek and Four’s upcoming music video collaboration for the single “Rock N’ Roll Soul” will hit the marquee in early May, 2021.

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