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LA Underground Riptape Vol. 1 Cover Art
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LA Underground Riptape Vol. 1 Available Now On Youtube – Content Creator Marq Robinson Tests New Mixed Media Project

The LA Underground Riptape is a mixed media project blurring the lines between audio/video and interview/playlist. Some snippets and concepts had been teased via Instagram with a leaked audio only version circling the web earlier this month. The final edit shown above includes the same soundbites composed as a single track with a slideshow of pics taken from the night it happened.

Volume 1 gives us a glimpse at the underground LA house scene as Marq joins Stavo Ranger for a night out.

Producer, Marq Robinson, says he “excited to have the project out to the public and would like to see this become a recurring piece of content if the new format sticks.” He goes on “the project idea came together the night of. I really just wanted to capture key moments on the fly without having to shove a camera in someone’s face or have people feeling awkward out about being recorded. Disposable cameras and on-the-fly audio grabs seemed like the right way to pull it off.”

Stream LA Underground Riptape Vol. 1 above and stay tuned for more updates.

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