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EmiSwap Users Can Now Transfer Tokens Across Blockchains

EmiSwap (, the first, community-governed decentralized exchange (DEX) to provide high rewards for liquidity providers (LPs), recently announced its integration with cross-chain bridge Movr. The integration will allow EmiSwap users to transfer tokens across blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Binance Smart Chain and xDAI at lower fees and higher speed of transactions, finally offering a viable solution to lack of interoperability. Lack of interoperability of blockchains poses serious problems to developers creating a Decentralized application, tying them to that blockchain unable to profit from the benefits of other blockchains. As a solution, bridges are built to help interchange any sort…

Chloe George - Fader Label

Chloe George And Shallou Sign To FADER Label

FADER Label is showing no signs of slowing down in 2021, and today, the artist-first label is announcing two new artist signings: Chloe George and shallou. The newcomers join Clairo, Slayyyter, binki, Lewis Del Mar, Matt and Kim and many others, adding to the expansive and eclectic label line-up. FADER label is proud to have these two, dynamic new artists on the roster.   –Carson Oberg General Manager of FADER Label Chloe George is one of the most brilliant writers we have come across, she has so many stories to tell through her music and we cannot wait to launch…


Pabst Blue Ribbon Introduces Revolutionary In Home Advertising Concept

For over a year, people have been forced to spend more time than ever indoors. For the average Joe, which is basically near everyone, earning extra cash is always a plus. So, instead of paying some fat cat media conglomerate to advertise to them from the outside world through expensive insertions, Pabst Blue Ribbon is shifting the entire media approach indoors with the launch of the newest money making scheme, In Home Advertising. Starting today, participants can transform their homes into ad space by exploiting their common household goods and have the blue ribbon pay them for it.

Robert Vargas Day - Photo Of Robert Vargas

City of Los Angeles Declare Sept. 8th Robert Vargas Day

Robert Vargas is a contemporary artist known for his mixed-media portraits, murals, and live events and is a leading creative force in the revitalization of Downtown LA’s art scene. Vargas will officially receive a proclamation from Los Angeles City Hall commemorating Robert Vargas Day which will be celebrated every year on September 8th in the City of Los Angeles. Vargas hopes that every September 8th people do something to help young creatives fulfill their dreams by sending them on their path with the tools they need to succeed. Vargas believes that any act of support no matter how small will…

4Walls - Kyra Media

Kyra Media And Walmart Launch 4Walls Home Channel on TikTok

Kyra Media has partnered with Walmart to launch 4Walls, a Gen Z-targeted digital-first home channel on TikTok. 4Walls is the home destination for the next generation as they move out on their own and explore creativity in their living spaces. The channel features on home subjects as varied as DIY decor and how influencers live to comparison pricing on apartments in different cities, 4Walls uses videos, stills and GIFs and editorial commentary to report on items of interest to Gen Z. 4Walls is part of Kyra Media’s portfolio of channels on TikTok dedicated to Gen Z, including the number one…

PKT x Pancake Swap Listing

PancakeSwap Lists $PKT – Decentralized Internet & Mesh Network

Obeah Bridge, otherwise known as ODApp, (, a decentralized application bridge connecting PKT and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystems, today announced that public trading of the wrapped version of PKT Cash ( called wPKT, is now live on PancakeSwap. ODApp converts PKT Cash ($PKT) into wPKT, a new Binance Smart Chain BEP20 cryptocurrency token on a 1:1 basis. This PancakeSwap listing comes as interest in the PKT project has grown exponentially, gaining viral awareness by enabling people worldwide to monetize their home or office internet bandwidth. WPKT provides the PKT ecosystem access to the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) on…

DesignerCon Flyer Nov 12th

DesignerCon Returns To Anaheim In Partnership With Popshop Live

Following 2020’s convention made possible by innovative virtual programming, DesignerCon in partnership with Popshop Live is thrilled to be returning to an in-person model at the Anaheim Convention Center! After the great success of last year’s virtual partnership, DesignerCon and Popshop Live have chosen to continue the relationship in real time, providing top notch, hybrid-programming for both in-person and continued online presence. Tickets for this exciting return to a live show are on sale now, and fans are already buzzing about the event. From November 12th-14th attendees will once again be able to roam the halls of the largest art…

Mogul Productions

Mogul Productions Seeks Next Blockbuster Movie Script

Mogul Productions, the decentralized film financing (DeFiFi) and NFT platform, today announces its next call for scripts from filmmakers around the world to take part in Mogul's second film showcase. The announcement follows Mogul's first ever film slate vote, which ended on August 19th - Mogul is already preparing to make its next move. The top projects selected by Mogul's film team will enter a fan vote conducted by Mogul's community of STARS token holders. Films that receive the most votes by the community will receive funding from the company. The project selected from this showcase will become Mogul's second…

Fader Label

Fader Label Moves Forward With Increased Artist Development & Support

FADER Label is marking its most triumphant year to date by affirming a new path forward with new hires and promotions within the staff, continuing to build upon the groundbreaking legacy of artist development and equity that has fueled the New York City-based independent label for nearly two decades. Co-founded in 2002 by Jon Cohen and Rob Stone, FADER Label has long been defined for its trailblazing passion for cultural discovery and creative backing, with a dynamic, forward-thinking focus on strategic marketing, A&R, publicity, street team marketing, digital marketing and social media support that allows its artists to maximize exposure…

Invisibly - How Do Cookies Work 1

Invisibly – 3/4 People Want Companies to Use Consumer-Consented Data

The days of advertisers and big tech companies profiting from your data without your direct content may be coming to a close. A recent Realtime Research survey commissioned by Invisibly shows that 3 out of 4 people want companies to only use consumer-consented data for advertising and targeting purposes - that is, data that customers supply themselves and that they have full control over - not data collected from apps or behind the scenes. Invisibly wondered how much people know about online ads in general, and how companies track and target people for advertising purposes. Here’s what Invisibly learned: 84%…

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