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LA Made Me Insecure - Marq Robinson
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LA Made Me Insecure

They say money ain’t everything to be honest I’m not sure but I know

you can flip the watch the cars the clothes and the crib and still be insecure

Hold up let me get the swagger back before i take it there just to make it clear it ain’t all about money and gear but you know it helps and that said I’m still fly all year and creating wealth last week I bought the mall had to test a card why you flex that hard where I’m from it ain’t to many chances to get a dance in with the stars and when it’s your shot at the American dream you gotta pull up extra hard and hope you make it til then we fake it just  wait for the swish baby but take a pic while you waiting this shit like history in the making

Big body Bens on 30 inch rims black on black with the tents riding like I’m insecure

A couple thousand to put brands on the fit and the kicks plus some ice on wrist stunting like I’m insecure

Hit the Vegas strip with yo bitch and her friends just to say that’s how I live vibing like I’m insecure

100 thousand for the so and so 200k for that and this balling like I’m insecure

They say money ain’t everything just most things but the best things in life are free like love and happiness shout out to Al Green I hope you know what I mean when I say I’m chasing trends cause first impressions go really far and with the right shine you might think imma star I might feel like a star I might let down my guard show you my heart and you might love me like you’re insecure I might love you like I’m insecure possessed by our possessions what you think of my avatar

it’s almost exactly who I wish I was

LA made me insecure

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