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LA Favorites

LA Favorites - Top Places To Check Out In Los Angeles

Los Angeles has countless vendors, creators, and services that will help bring your projects to life. Not to mention enough good food to hold you over for the next five years. Here’s a list of some la favorites that include places, eateries, attractions and filming resources in the city.

Standing Sets

A 2 story 14,000 square foot warehouse in the heart of DTLA with a great view of the Los Angeles skyline and other great production sets.

A studio that contains a police station set, hospital set, bar set, and psych ward.

Affordable standing sets –classroom, bar, executive office, hospital exam room and more.

A 2 story warehouse in the heart of downtown LA that features a loft environment upstairs and an abandoned warehouse theme on the first floor.

7,000 sq ft warehouse with three pre built designs: locker room, rundown apartment, and forrest.

Production Companies

Commercial and music video production.

Full service production company with record label and digital content development.

A boutique production company that specializes in music videos and event coverage.

Production company specialized in commercial/promotional content.

Production company geared toward digital and narrative content and commercial productions.

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