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Sara True Art - Sara Rosenthal Multimedia Artist
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Multimedia Artist Sara True Gives Insight On Her Latest Collection

Sara True is an artist from California that has created an extensive body of work using paint, mixed media, writing, and performance. While honing her craft over the years, the multimedia artist has trained and exhibited internationally in both solo and collaborative formats. This recent collection includes a series of new paintings “inspired by the process of metamorphosis that occur among natural forms”.

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What inspired this recent collection?
I have been fascinated by the processes of metamorphosis that occur among natural forms; vegetal, animal, mineral, and fungal. The way that forms shift and change remind me of the metaphorical and physical transformations that humans go through, and the way that cultures evolve. So this recent collection comes from my expressive interpretations of these concepts.
How do you stay creative in uncertain times?
Creativity is an essential part of my life; if I stop engaging with that aspect of myself, it is easy to become dismayed or depressed. So I find it helpful to carve out intentional pockets of time for creative practice, leaving them open-ended. On my daily to do list, along with more boring menial tasks, can often be found things like: “Write something,” “Paint if you feel inspired,” or “Seek inspiration.” Leaving these assignments open and flexible takes away some of the pressure that can be a real hindrance to creative expression.
Which of these pieces means the most or has impacted you most?
The painting “After the Feast”. This work presented a real breakthrough moment for my ever evolving painting practice, heralding a new approach to painting and a renewed sense of confidence in the mystery that imbues my painting practice with an indefinable quality. This painting reintroduced me to the feeling of engaging with that mystery and allowing the forms to emerge naturally; as when one stares at clouds and allows forms to reveal themselves there. This painting also holds a special place for me now, as the title “After the Feast” takes on new significance in light of the current coronavirus pandemic. Initially, I had thought about this concept of “After the Feast” in terms of the environment- the waste that accumulates after an eruption of festivity, and the calm that comes after it as well. Now, as people are experiencing months of lockdown and isolation, the term reminds me of the shadows, fantasies, nightmares, and dreams that are revealed after the chaos and constant stimulation of normal life is put on hold. And, although the work includes some imagery that emerged from my own intensities of feeling, I am reminded that what may be difficult for me can appear beautiful and energizing for other people. So this painting also serves as a strong reminder for me not to hide the authenticity of my interior perception, to paint (and speak) with my truest voice, even when it combines hope with darkness.
What do you hope viewers experience or take away from your collection?
I would love for people to experience the same kind of wonder and awe that I feel while I am engaged in the creative process. To be able to communicate and transmit this pulsing, calming, and invigorating energy is one of my goals when I paint. And I hope also that, particularly in some of the darker works, viewers will be able to interact with the painting as a space to put their own feelings, or a catalyst to provoke a more direct engagement with their own feelings. If someone saw one of my paintings and it triggered an emotional catharsis of some sort, I would consider that a success, for I believe that kind of release to be both necessary and healing.

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