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Helmut Koller – #KOLLERISM – Tiger King
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Helmut Koller – Innovating Art In The Times Of COVID-19

The coronavirus is transforming the way we live, love, work, and do business. Planning for a post Covid future is necessary. Sooner or later we will get through this, and with time on our side, now is the time to get creative and adapt. Helmut Koller is doing just that.

Through August 21st. 2020, Helmut’s magnificent animals grace the walls of Brookfield Properties in Los Angeles, CA, where people can responsibly distance themselves in order to see visual art. In times of adversity, Helmut sets out on a mission to portray his work in a more intimate and meaningful way.

Location: Bank Of America Plaza – 333 S Hope St STE 100, Los Angeles, CA 90071
Installation Dates Dates: April 20th – August 21st
Print Exhibition Dates: April 6th – September 25th.

Helmut Koller Installation - Downtown Los Angeles
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Helmut Koller, a painter known world-wide for his vibrant, festive, and beautiful paintings of animals. Koller stands out with his innovative take on animal art.. “These paintings are iconic portraits of sentient beings, supreme beauties without a reference of time and space, esoteric manipulations of nature,” Koller explains. He brings a unique take on color never before seen on these exotic animals.  More importantly he cares for the well being of these creatures. Helmut in his approach is a reminder of  what’s important, and to remain positive and not feel defeated. Yes, the opportunities may be less frequent, but there is still much room to play in the realm of art. In his innovation, he inspires other artists to see that there is no time like now to build the future you wish to have.

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