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Haiwan - New Single From Sapra Cover
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Rapper Sapra Releases Music Video For Lead Single Haiwan

The song and video center around commentary on COVID-19 and how the lack of early governmental responses from countries throughout the world led to one of the greatest global crises within our lifetime. Rapper, Sapra is originally from New Delhi, India and fuses Bollywood rhythms and themes into his music production and filmmaking.

With a distinctive sound, Haiwan taps into an energy that elevates and inspires its listeners to recognize the threat of the “Haiwan”, or devil in Hindi, as a way to comment on the early inadequate global response to COVID-19 by politicians and is a cry to address that this human rights tragedy can no longer go unnoticed. His lyricism highlights that the only way through this crisis is through unity and love.

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Check out the music video for High On Love below!

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