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Tristan Eaton Expands His Reach In The Metaverse With G.E.M.M.A. – A Generative NFT Collection Set To Release January 12th, 2022

Multi-disciplinary artist Tristan Eaton bridges the multiverse and metaverse with his latest collection of NFTs. G.E.M.M.A. or Generative Electronic Museum of Metaverse Art is a first of its kind generative NFT collection with some great utility built in. One feature gives token holders the option to burn their token for a physical print of their exclusive G.E.M.M.A. Being a token holder also provides access to future promotions and offers from the artist. Priced at just .1 ETH, the 5000 piece collection goes on sale January 12th, 2022.

Learn more about the drop and check out exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of Tristan planting his NFT cereal boxes in a grocery store below!

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With his entry into the metaverse, Tristan Eaton has once again proven his artistic prowess, dedication to his craft, and sheer business sensibilities. While many dove headfirst into the world of NFTs space during the initial wave, producing content based on volume, Eaton waited until he had crafted truly unique ways to contribute to the digital art space. As a highly respected multi-disciplinary artist perhaps best known for his murals around the world, it made perfect sense that Eaton would take his work into the metaverse, but as a true innovator, Eaton prioritized revolutionizing the space, and has continued to do so with each drop.

After a string of wildly successful NFT releases that sold out in seconds, from his first ever animated paintings to the most recent one of one auction, not to mention some incredible analog endeavors including his solo exhibition at the Long Beach Museum of Art, Eaton is once again bringing collectors and fans something brand new and exciting. Enter the Generative Electronic Museum of Metaverse Art, affectionately called G.E.M.M.A. This comprehensive generative art collection uses Eaton’s unmistakable combination of stunning portraiture and layered collage, taking a page out of his traditional practice to create this digital body of work which encompasses much of his work over the last 25 years. Eaton takes the work to another level by moving the decision-making to unbiased, collaborative software, meaning the possibilities are essentially endless. Each piece of art is completely bespoke, and each carries its own unique personality and identity, pulling from a catalog of Eaton’s most impressive elements.

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– Tristan Eaton, Artist

For every painting I make, I normally start with the simple portrait. I then assemble a giant pile of visuals into layered, story telling collages. From this stage, the painting can go in a million different directions. In real life, I will only see one of these many possibilities realized into a final work of art. The result is the equivalent of a painted puzzle, with each image, color and collage element doing it’s work to create a unique, one of a kind composition. With G.E.M.M.A., I can now see what happens when those thousands of other possibilities are realized. It’s like witnessing a multiverse for paintings. This project will live on for a long time with many surprises and bonuses for those who join the Generative Electronic Museum of Metaverse Art!”

Each component, from G.E.M.M.A. herself to the very auto generator that randomizes the compositions is a work of art, working together to create an entire multiverse of Eaton art. Just as Eaton pulls from moments of historical importance and symbolism to create the collage effect on his murals, G.E.M.M.A. contains the historically symbolic elements of Eaton’s career, layering unique pieces he has created over the years to tell his own story to a new audience, while still mindfully including his current collectors and fans.

Ever in favor of democratizing art, Eaton has created this project to strike the perfect balance between rare artwork and affordable NFT ownership. On January 12th, 5000 unique pieces each priced at 0.1 ETH will be made available. This is in line with Eaton’s continued commitment to offer work that is accessible to a wide audience.

With Eaton’s increased comfortability in the space comes more exciting developments. The first of which is that this release will be on his own personal platform, meaning interested collectors can purchase directly through the artist by visiting Eaton is building a quickly growing following on Discord, meaning that the GEMMA community has a home and anyone interested in joining in the fun can do so here.

Eaton is proving he is virtually unstoppable when it comes to NFT innovations and the power of his Discord audience. In order to expand the G.E.M.M.A. club, and create the most exciting lead up to the official release, Eaton took a page out of his own TrustoCorp book. The artist created fake cereal boxes, each of which held a G.E.M.M.A. NFT for the lucky finder, and planted them at grocery stores in five major cities over the past couple weeks. This wildly successful stunt saw a frenzy of fans and one step closer to making art truly accessible to everyone. Not only was this a fun return to Eaton’s roots, but it highlighted the possibilities for NFTs to lead to creative and interactive activations, bridging the gap between our universe and the metaverse!

Those who Own G.E.M.M.A (OG’s) are not only gaining a piece of original artwork, they are gaining access to an expanding world with its own landscape and perks. With BONFIRE (Burn-to-Print Mechanic), there will be four quarterly events enabling holders to burn their GEMMA NFT in exchange for a 24” x 24” signed, 1 of a kind giclee art print of their image, creating deflationary supply in the digital collection. That’s not all when it comes to the physical crossover. One holder will receive the original, 60” x 60” painting on canvas– valued at $45k–that Tristan created as the genesis of the G.E.M.M.A. collection. The piece will be customized with hand spray painted traits to match the winning NFT. And from there, there are collaborations, public art exhibits, and so much more. G.E.M.M.A. acts as a ticket to previews, sneak peeks, pre-orders and giveaways featuring upcoming digital and physical work by Tristan Eaton.

“We’re excited to build community with our holders and generate value within this collection of work, but please remember that we’re all here for the art first and foremost. Each holder has an exclusive, 1 of a kind work of art and that alone is awesome. We hope you all enjoy the world of G.E.M.M.A.!”

G.E.M.M.A opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the digital art space and Eaton himself, taking us one step closer to the Eaton-verse.

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About Tristan Eaton
Ambitious from a young age, Tristan Eaton began designing toys for Fisher Price at 18–well before graduating from his alma mater, the School of Visual Arts in New York–and co-founding the legendary KidRobot. There, he created two of it’s most iconic designs, the Dunny and Munny, solidifying himself as one of the founders of the designer toy movement carried forth by contemporary pop artists such as KAWS today. Shortly after KidRobot, Eaton founded Thunderdog Studios, where he created original art and design work for major clients like Nike, Universal and luxury watch brand Hublot among many others. His highly sought after style and work ethic in the field continues to inspire confidence in his clients and admiration among his peers while he blurs the lines between commercial and fine art.

Eaton is perhaps best known for his large scale public murals, found throughout the world from New York to Paris to Shanghai, which he executes in freehand spray paint; a technical and personal nod to his own history and respect for graffiti culture, while honoring traditional painting and muralism with his thoughtful and dynamic subject matter and compositions. From the monster paintings on the Universal Backlot Tour to his recent mural in historic Deep Ellum, Texas, Tristan Eaton creates dynamic and engaging work on a large scale.

All of these experiences become touchstones in Eaton’s fine art practice where techniques new and old meet unusual and innovative ideas paired with an assortment of methods and materials both traditional and modern, all of which find a home and harmony in his work.

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