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Game Of Life - Marq Robinson - 26 (in real time)
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Game Of Life

Begins and ends

That’s all we have in this life of sin

There’s a game to life

And I’m playing to win

Theres a game to life and I’m playing to win

2020 couldn’t hurt a nigga like me told y’all I level up year already to sick to slip in a pandemic made bands like I hand in it had to make the beat anthemic just to give you the feeling and lately I been feeling way more than myself I done broke through the hell  and made lemonade from all them ls guess you could say I’m doing well this what it sound like when you bet on yourself but you niggas lame don’t get ahead of yourself stack it slow and start building your wealth take the gains and invest in yourself cause you’ll never be a real boss if you work for somebody else it I ain’t went this hard since I hit LA 2012 and this one about to double the sales I’m manifesting it myself

There’s a game to life

And I’m playing to win

Please do not talk to me like I’m that Marq from four years ago I’m at higher place my next crib need a view and a fireplace my next whip need it foreign in the driveway My next bitch gotta ride it with no hands and stash the dick like a hideaway I want it all I want it all

Cause I remember not have shit I was real life homeless had to sleep in the whip working 40 hours a week to be broke as a bitch now every time the phone rings the clients paying a zip did it all without the trap I made google my bitch didn’t even run ads you can google my shit run up a few racks now I’m rapping my spit you gone be mad when I really get rich


Life is a game and I’m something like a player

You gotta make your goals tryna make it to the majors big dreaming big scheming big paper I know how hard you want to make it

don’t get complacent

Just go

Just go

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